Friday, July 11, 2008

Ballantyne facelift moving along

The golf course at Ballantyne Resort may be closed for the summer but there’s a lot going on anyway.

The layout, among the busiest and most popular in the Charlotte area, is getting a significant makeover that began June 16.

The practice range area will be dramatically different when the course reopens – Sept. 1 is the target date. The range has been reshaped and a new pavilion has been built nearby, creating a place for golfers in outings to gather.

The pavilion will sit where the practice green was and will have new putting greens on each side.

The staging area is also getting a facelift to help with the many outings the course hosts each year.

The most significant change to the course will be seen at the par-4 second hole. What used to be a short, quirky dogleg right with a tiny green has been transformed into a straighter par-4, essentially a new hole that will be a nice improvement.

The long, severe green at the par-4 eighth hole is also being reshaped to make it more player-friendly.

Additionally, the bunkers are being dredged and will have premium sand installed. Creek work and landscaping is also under way.

“It’s getting a really good facelift,” said Dana Rader, who operates her golf school at the resort. “The whole concept is geared toward a wow factor.”

Speaking of Rader, she’s also been down for a time this summer after having knee replacement surgery last month. She hopes to be back at home on a limited basis next week.


Anonymous said...

The practice facility is great, the people are nice, the conditions are good, the course layout is extremely forgettable and unfun. Hope they make more than just one change.

Anonymous said...

I used to love Ballantyne Resort. Then they put an employee by the name of Nicole in charge of the employees. She got rid of all my favorites out there. Its hard to support a business that I have frequented many a times when the customer service isn't there. If they make any more improvements, it should start with getting rid of her.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that anonymous comments, especially negative ones can't be more open like the one on Nicole. Sounds like a disgruntled employee to me. The place has and continues to have always the nicest employees of any Charlotte course!

Sounds like going from "a great course" to a "wow" course leaves a few old employees to make different career decisions! The best to them!

Anonymous said...

Ballentyne Resort is nowhere near a "wow" course. At best, it is a decent golf course.

Anonymous said...

The professional staff is extremely classy, not to mention very good looking and charming. I don't know how much they make, but their service is invaluable.