Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't count on Tiger hitting the stump

Tiger Woods introduced the U.S. Naval Glee Club at President Barack Obama's inauguration celebration.

Since we've known him, Tiger Woods kept politics out of his public life.

To some, Woods has copped out, opting for safe rather than risking his image. He has been compared to Michael Jordan, who famously explained why he keeps his politics private by saying, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

But there was Woods during the Inauguration weekend, taking his turn on a celebrity-filled stage, to say a few words on behalf of the United States military and introduce the U.S. Naval Glee Club.

It was a surprise to many that Woods participated in the inauguration, if only because he has so carefully kept his political profile lowered.

Does it mean Woods is becoming more politically active? Probably not.

It means he appreciated the opportunity to be part of something special and his respect for the military runs deep.


jjw901 said...

Just after the pic above was snapped, Little Stevie Williams blindsided the offending photog.

Rob Turner said...

I personally feel that Tiger Woods’ presence at the inauguration ceremony wasn’t that much of a political statement and to try and see that as indicative of his political stance may not be fair. But I definitely do feel that he needs to be much more politically active. To begin with, take a stance once in a while. I know a lot of people might say, that he is too big a guy and perhaps too good a guy to embroil himself in some controversy but the last time I checked expressing your opinion is everyone’s right and just because you are famous does not mean you don’t speak up. More importantly a guy like Tiger, who has such a great fan following must speak up on sensitive issues and galvanise the support of millions for the cause. He is a big enough role model to be able to do that so I don’t see any reason why he should stop himself. If radio show hosts, actors and singers can be poltically active, I don’t see what’s wrong with a sportsman doing the same! In fact for Tiger, I can even go as far as to say that he must jump into politics because support for him is assured. Now that Barack Obama has given us the hope and ability to dream I don’t see why we cant envisage a situation where one day we would be holding up a board that says ‘Tiger for President’.