Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Meaning To The Term Army Golf...

Sgt. Ryan Greve started hitting golf balls as a five-year old in Charlotte, visiting a driving range near Carolina Place Mall.
He played on the Providence High golf team for two years and, with his family living at Providence Country Club, golf has always been a part of Greve’s life.
Now stationed in Baghdad serving with the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Greve and golf have been reunited.
The base recently opened its own driving range, helped in large part by donations from veterans in Ridgefield, Conn., who sent some of the supplies needed to construct the practice facility.
“The fact that a driving net was created is awesome,” Greve said via e-mail.
The facility is named ‘Ridgefield Country Club Driving Range in Iraq’ and is open 24 hours a day.
It took eight soldiers approximately two weeks to construct the facility, which includes artificial turf tees and a collection of used golf clubs. They hope to eventually paint a backdrop to place behind the practice net.
Greve said he and other soldiers keep up with golf happenings via the internet. Now they have the opportunity to work on their games, at least a little bit.
“It is a huge morale booster and it keeps your swing in check,” Greve said. “For the golfers in the brigade, it is exactly what we needed.”


Anonymous said...


Just sad you couldn't find a place for this in the paper.
With all the guys over there it seems like you could have squeezed it in there. Of course, being Ryan's
mother, we would have loved to have seen it. We heard that it was going to be in from our son, so we had all of our friends looking for it in the paper. :(

If you have a spot somewhere in the near future...could actually print it?

Proud mother,
Beverly Greve

Grace Greve said...

That is my husband I love him and I miss him very much.

Julie Hill said...

This is a nice little article and could help keep the soldiers on our minds if printed!