Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feherty gets it right about Tiger

Leave it to David Feherty to get it right when it comes to the ripple of controversy stirred by Tiger Woods expressing his frustrations while missing the cut at the British Open two weeks ago.

More than once, Woods was shown slamming a club or barking at himself as shots went astray at Turnberry. He was angry and it showed. It's not the first time Tiger has let his emotions show and it won't be the last.

Some critics have scolded Woods for not biting his tongue or gently putting his driver back in the bag after a lousy tee shot. They're overreacting.

In an interview this week with the Argus Leader in South Dakota, Feherty was quoted saying, "Those critical forget about what he did a couple of weeks before for the troops at the tournament he put on (the AT&T National). All the things he did at Walter Reed, all the things that tournament is about. And he bangs his club here or there?...

"I was fly fishing in Colorado - I didn't see any of it. I've read about it since then. If you play golf for a living and you don't swear or throw the occasional club, you should be disqualified.

"It's not that kind of a game - it's not meant to be played with all the hushed tones. You're supposed to show your emotions."

Tiger gets criticized for being too cold and distant by some people and flogged by others (or maybe the same ones) who prefer he channel his frustration differently. I like him the way he is.


Mac said...

I totally disagree, Ron. I don't think the players need to not show emotion - after all, it's a competitive game. But Tiger embarrasses himself, and puts parents in awkward situations on explaining to their kids how to play the game. Rick Reilly had it right in the article below, and I agree with every word he said. No place in golf for dropping f-bombs, particularly when you're on TV every second. I don't really mind an aggravated club slam, but he takes it too far. He flat out has a bad attitude - he can't stand losing, which most champions don't. But he needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

I believe Tiger is the greatest golfer I will see in my lifetime. I feel no one works harder on fitness or skill training. HOWEVER, as with all professional athletes, children emulate him as a way of honoring his skill. Therefore his language needs to improve. He is widely regarded as one of the better and more frequent cussers on tour!