Thursday, October 08, 2009

Maybe Tony Romo should stick to golf

Tony Romo can play.

Golf, that is.

While Romo's NFL career may still lean heavier on sparkle than substance, his golf game is something special.

According to Golf Digest, Romo's plus 3.3 handicap makes him the best golfer among professional athletes in this country. Who cares how well he throws the 20-yard out if he can he hit high, soft 3-irons, get it up and down from port-a-jon and putt like Norah Jones sings.

Romo has tried -- unusuccessfully so far -- to qualify for the U.S. Open. Just being good enough to try to better than most. According to the magazine, Romo won two events over the summer, which should ease the sting of that break-up with Jessica Simpson.

Cowboys fans no doubt wish Romo would spend more time watching game tape but I say let him play golf. Maybe Jerry Jones built Romo a putting green somewhere deep inside the Cowboys' new castle in Arlington, Tex.

No. 2 on the Digest list is Craig Hentrich, who isn't really an athlete. He's the punter for the Tennessee Titans. Still, with a plus 2.8 handicap, he's got skills beyond hang time.

How about No. 3? Mark McGwire.

Now we know what he's been doing since we saw him on Capitol Hill all those years ago. He's been playing golf. Hits it long, no doubt. Always did. But, to borrow his line, let's not talk about the past. Let's talk about the future or his next tee time.

Mike Schmidt, No. 4, and Jerry Rice round out the top five.

And what about Michael?

When he's not getting his wrist slapped for smoking his stogie at Harding Park in San Francisco this week (no smoking allowed on public courses in the city by the bay), he's playing golf. And, oh yeah, he's a Bobcats executive.

Michael clocked in with a 3-handicap. That ties him for 35th with Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Derek Lowe, surfer Kelly Slater and Angels pitcher Joe Saunders.

Just wait until Michael finishes his stint as Fred Couples' assistant Presidents Cup captain this week. After a week with Tiger and the guys, Michael's game may be better than ever.


Anonymous said...

For the most part, these are all vanity handicaps. I can promise you that McGwire is nowhere near that good. Even in a story on today, Sean O'Hair said Jordan claims to be an 8 handicap.

Anonymous said...

Mike Schmidt's handicap is legit. He qualified and played in a couple of Champions/Senior Tour events.

brandon knight said...

I think Tony Romo lacks the intangibles that separate good player from great. The elite quarterbacks can will their teams to victory and make a clutch played when called upon, but Tony seems to shrink when these opportunities present themselves.