Saturday, December 12, 2009

How long will Tiger be gone?

How long will Tiger Woods take an indefinite break from golf?

It's anybody's guess right now.

It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't play before the U.S. Open in June at Pebble Beach but that's purely a guess. He might be away longer than that.

It's safe to say he won't show up at Torrey Pines for the San Diego Open in late January, which is when he was expected to make his 2010 debut. If he were only going to miss one event, there wouldn't be much need for the announcement he made Friday evening.

That probably takes out the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship and maybe his regular stops at Bay Hill and Doral.

If he skips the Florida events, it seems unlikely he'd debut at the Masters. That's not a place for the circus that will surround his return.

Could he return at the Quail Hollow Championship? The Memorial? The U.S. Open?

That's Tiger's call and I'm guessing he doesn't know when he'll come back.

Some have suggested Woods should take all of 2010 off. Repair the personal damage he's done to his family and himself. Maybe that's his plan.

We'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

I doubt you will see Tiger in Charlotte again, ever. At leastnot playing golf. He may play 6-8 tournaments in a year and Charlotte WILL NOT make the cut. So all of you Maw-Maw Country Club Charlie Sifford wannabes can stay home. Nothing more out of the way than a 70 year old black mane from West Charlott showing up at Quail Hollow with his K-Mart straw hat. So keep you polyester and ball retreiver at the municipals and stay AWAY!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully forever???

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 11:20...

Damn, man. As a white male myself (assuming you are), I'm shamed and embarrassed by that comment.

Peace and love, brother.

Anonymous said...


This post has no facts whatsoever - just a bunch of dates, followed by "who knows."

Based on Tiger's actions these past fews weeks, who is to say that he will not play in Jan, as originally planned?

I realize this is an opinion piece, but c'mon - give us something to back up your opinion.

"If he were only going to miss one event, there wouldn't be much need for the announcement he made Friday evening."

Writing that sentence, is pardon me, but just Dumb.

It is a press release from Tiger Woods - It is not fact in any way shape or form. It is released as an attempt to stop the bleeding of his image. Will golf whenever it suits his brand and image best, regardless of "personal, family issues.

Need to do better than this Green.

Anonymous said...

While I would not have chosen the same words as the 11:20 poster, I can see where he is coming from.

Anonymous said...

ELDRICK " veneral disease " WOODS IS GONE 4EVER.


Anonymous said...

Everyone will be begging Tiger to come back when the Tv ratings drop drastically and therefore those golfers that would be losing to Tiger are now getting half as much for their prize money. He can bag any broad he wants. Tiger calls the shots in golf.