Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tiger's absence becomes real this week

This is where we start missing Tiger Woods.

This isn't about what he did or didn't do and whether or not he's in a Mississippi clinic. This is about the fact that Tiger isn't at Torrey Pines this week where he typically makes his PGA Tour debut each year.

This is where "indefinite leave" goes from gray to black. He's not at a tour stop he never misses and if anybody thinks they know when he's coming back to the golf course, they're only guessing.

This is the first time Tiger hasn't been someplace we're accustomed to seeing him. It won't be the last time.

It's possible he'll sit out the whole season while cleaning up the mess outside the ropes. It still seems a long-shot to me but with every day that passes without any definitive word from Tiger, it seems a little more possible.

The PGA Tour isn't going to collapse because Tiger's away. Phil Mickelson is back this week and the tour season will begin to develop a rhythm as the west coast swing plays out and then everyone heads to Florida.

It's different without Tiger, no doubt.

But they're playing at Torrey Pines without him. It takes some getting used to, though.


Anonymous said...

if tiger never picks up another club he will have accomplished more then 90% of all golfers in the pga. hes not the 1st guy to cheat on his wife and so what if he likes having sex with a lot of hot women. who doesnt

Anonymous said...

I thought they canceled golf since Tiger wasn't playing?

Anonymous said...

Perv sicko Woods female slut total is up to 19 at last count and his gay male total is yet to be known but may be equal.
That piece will never be missed.

Anonymous said...

What happened to his sex clinic PR stunt? If he wanted to get serious he would consider castration. Until then its a joke.