Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harris, Phil Meet; Changes Coming To Quail Greens

Quail Hollow Club president Johnny Harris met with Phil Mickelson Wednesday and, among other things, they discussed Mickelson's sharp criticism of the greens during the Quail Hollow Championship in May.

Harris told Mickelson that significant changes are planned for two, possibly three, of the greens that most concerned the world's second-ranked player.

Plans are underway, Harris said Wednesday, to make changes to the eighth, 12th and possibly 18th greens at Quail Hollow.

"We had a very positive discussion," said Harris, who is in the Pebble Beach area this week for the U.S. Open. "We've always encouraged feedback from the players and we appreciate what they tell us."

Mickelson called the Quail Hollow greens among the most poorly designed putting surfaces on tour in comments he made after the third round. He specificied the 12th green, a sharply sloping surface, and the 18th, where he was forced to putt away from the hole in the third round.

The short eighth hole, with its three-tiered green, has been controversial among players and members because it seems out of character with other greens on the course. Harris didn't specify what changes would be made to the greens but various alterations were under consideration before Mickelson's comments.

Course designer Tom Fazio, who did the major renovation to Quail Hollow in the late 1990s, has been on site studying the greens.

Harris also said approximately 60 trees have been taken out on the 18th hole, part of the club's continual process of evaluating the course.


Phil_is_fatter_than_Sean_May said...

Why bow to this popped collared, dough boy? Phil is a jerk, a kid of priveledge who thinks he runs the PGA. Look in the mirror fat azz, you are one of the most talented players of all time, and you still suck canal water in comparison to Tiger. Why? Tiger has thinks, you seem to lose all brain function in stressful times. So keep smiling at the crowds, as Tiger and other golfers pass your lumpy rear.

Anonymous said...


I take it your now a Phil fan?

davidm said...

One thing is for sure. Phil played the exact same greens that everyone else played, and he was the only one crying to the media about it. He finished 2nd yet still found a reason to gripe. Had I been Mr. Harris, I may have just asked him to stay out of Charlotte if things were that bad for him. Phil is not what he portrays to the fans.

Anonymous said...

Phil is a d-bag, no question about it. But Quail is smart to listen to the pros, especially the world's second best (and current best) golfer.