Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Member-Guest Uniforms: There Are No Winners

Having just spent a terrific weekend playing in the Providence Country Club member-guest tournament, I have one question:

Why do two grown men -- who aren't required by Ryder Cup rules to do so -- wear matching outfits?

Is it a team unity thing? Really?

It's one thing for both of you to show up wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt purely by chance. That is, after all, the standard dress code on the golf course. A man can't have too many white shirts. Just ask Marty Hackel. Or maybe not.

But it should be by chance, not by design. You outgrow cute when you start shaving.

Member-guests are fun (even if you don't make a birdie in 45 holes like me), which I suppose explains why guys think dressing like twins is a good idea. Maybe if my partner and I had worn matching outfits, we'd have finished better than third in a six-team flight, but our wives would have found somewhere else to be rather than the Friday night party with us.

Of course, if I could have made a few more putts on the quick, pure greens, I may have dressed like John Daly as one participant did. Thankfully, his partner toned it down and dressed like Rickie Fowler.

One more thing about member-guest events. Why is it that guys can bring a 12 handicap into the event, shoot even par and think no one figures them out? Maybe I need more strokes.

Or maybe I need a team uniform the next time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not mentioning that your partner missed a 4 footer to loose the match to a couple of .....

Anonymous said...

After playing in the same member-guest, I am glad you brought this up. The outfits you are referring to were outrageous and made the guys wearing them look like a couple of fools. As for the 12 handicapper in your flight, I will one up you with a 27 handicap from my flight that made four pars in his first match and 5 pars in his third match. Need I say more about the professional level of cheaters that show up for these events? We need a way to police guys like these. Thanks for trying.

Bill Jackson said...

I played, too....sortof.
I really liked your article and I've know MT for years. He carried around a little sand in his bag back in the day...but now all he does is mind his wife and run circles around the neighborhood!!
Great observations!
We hope to see you next year.