Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Who's The Fastest, Slowest On The PGA Tour?

   The five fastest and slowest players on the PGA Tour according to a survey done by Golf Magazine who timed every shot hit by 45 players over nine holes in the second round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational earlier this year.

   Too bad there aren't more Rickie Fowlers out there and too bad the tour and other golf organizations don't crack down harder on slow play. Just watch how long it takes at the U.S. Open next week.

Five fastest (Average time per shot)

1. Rickie Fowler (16 seconds)

2. Jhonny Vegas (21 seconds)

3. Brian Davis (22 seconds)

4. Chris Kirk (23 seconds)

5. Cameron Beckman (25 seconds)

Five slowest

1. Nick O'Hern (55 seconds)

2. J.B. Holmes (52 seconds)

3. John Senden (51 seconds)

4. Kevin Na (50 seconds)

5. Charlie Wi (50 seconds)


freddy said...

I agree. Slow play is one of the biggest problems affecting the game today. Weekenders see these pros on TV taking forever to make a shot, tossing grass into the air to test the wind, and especially removing their glove when they putt. The weekender sees this and copies it. Then he puts it back on when he putts it off the green so he can chip it back, and then peels the glove off again to putt again, then back on again to hit his next tee shot, etc., etc. It's pretty comical except when you look at your watch and realize it's taken 5 or 6 hours to play one lousy round of golf.

Funny; Nicklaus never took his glove off to putt and Tommy Two Gloves Gainey hits every shot with 2 gloves on. Point being: players shouldn't try and copy what the pros do - except for Ricky Fowler. Love that guy.