Monday, July 25, 2011

Grobe Has His Moment At Pinehurst No. 2

  Wake Forest football coach Jim Grobe is a 13-handicapper whose best score on the golf course was 75.

   Until Sunday.

   That's when Grobe, in Pinehurst for the ACC's annual preseason football kickoff gathering, shot 1-under par 71 on Pinehurst No. 2.

   Grobe joked that he would tell his athletic director, Ron Wellman, it was a nine-hole score but it wasn't. Grobe played with some bowl representatives and the only gimme he got was a two-footer his playing partners knocked back to him.

  Asked which was the bigger thrill, leading Wake Forest to an ACC title and Orange Bowl appearance or breaking par on No. 2, Grobe naturally chose the football achievement.

  Still, it was quite a golf achievement for the dean of ACC football coaches.

   "We've got a better shot of winning the league than of me doing that," Grobe said.


Ken Green said...

Am proud of coach for his well played round. Now, if only our football team can do as well this fall.

Billy said...

I played P#2 a good bit back in the 80's when the greens fee was still reasonable for someone not in the Bush tax cut crowd. I remember shooting an 84 there once and literally didn't miss a shot - I was thrilled! I believe it cost about $70 back then, exclusive of caddy tip. What is it up to now?