Saturday, February 25, 2012

Haney: "Maybe (Tiger) will learn something"

The Golf Channel premieres new seasons of 'The Haney Project' and 'Feherty' starting at 9 p.m., Monday, stacking Hank Haney and David Feherty back to back on a weekly basis.

Haney will work with four celebrities this time -- chef Mario Batali, actress/model Angie Everhart, singer Adam Levine and retired boxer Sugar Ray Leonard -- while Feherty's interview-based show expands to one hour with Michelle Wie and Sergio Garcia among the early guests.

On a conference call, Haney said he expects former client Tiger Woods might learn something if he reads Haney's upcoming book, 'The Big Miss,' about his time with the former world No. 1.

"(Tiger) said he wasn't going to read it but he reads everything," Haney said on the call. "So if he does read it, maybe he'll learn something...

"I think it would be insightful. Hopefully it is. I know that it's fair and honest...There's going to be quite a few things that I think people look and say, wow, I didn't know that or that's surprising or interesting."

Feherty said he's hopeful Woods will sit for an interview on his show.

"I would not rule out Tiger Woods," Feherty said. "He hasn't said no."

What would Feherty ask Woods?

"I'm tired of the whole TMZ notion that people are entitled to private details of people in the public vew of their lives," Feherty said. "It just doesn't interest me.

"I'm more interested, to be honest with you, does he feel like a human being in that at any time has he been so anxious about whether or not he's going to regain any kind of form...Is it possible for him to reach that level again? Not just him, anybody else for that matter. Have we seen the 500-year flood?"


Anonymous said...

500 year flood? Ever hear of Jack William Nicklaus? Do you think Tiger can win the Masters at age 46? Sure Tiger's one of the greatest, but I'll take the Golden Bear for being, not only a great golfer and a better man.