Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bobby Jones used clubs that were later outlawed

  While the discussion continues about whether the R&A and USGA will ban the anchoring of long putters in the future – there seems to be a growing sense that they’ll be outlawed in 2016 – such a change wouldn’t require asterisks by major winners who used belly putters.
   Peter Dawson, the R&A boss, pointed out in his Monday press conference that Bobby Jones won some of his major championships using concave-faced clubs that were later deemed to be illegal.
   There’s no asterisk next to Jones’ achievements.
   It would and should be the same for any players who win majors with anchored putters now if the rules are changed in the future.
   According to Martin Dempster’s story in the Scotsman this week, 16 of the 156 players in the Open Championship used belly putters while 27 players used long putters.
   No wonder the issue is getting a serious look for golf’s ruling bodies.


Cedar Posts said...

Some of us are slow to change, I am still playing my Hogan Apex, chromed again just last week. The woods are in the rack, replaced with oversized Taylor Made and the putter is and old Ping.

I guess I could cut a few digits off my score card if I switched but I would miss the 20 something kids who say "I've heard of them but never seen a set"