Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ocean Course isn't easy -- getting there

   The Ocean Course is beautiful.
   It is also remote.
   As in a long way from anything but a few really big, really nice houses owned by what I assume are very rich people.
   Playing the Ocean Course, even as a resort guest when it's not in PGA Championship trim, is a challenge.
   So is getting there.
   What's that old adage, no one wants to hear about the delivery, they just want to see the baby?
   No one wants to hear about the challenge of getting to the Ocean Course. They want to see how Phil and Rory and Dustin handle what can be a beast of a golf course if the wind kicks up.
   But getting to the PGA Championship isn't easy for anyone.
   Even if you have your yacht moored at a nearby marina, it's a 25-minute drive in among the live oaks, lagoons and poster-pretty golf holes on other resort courses.
   If you're staying in Charleston, it was a one-hour, 40-minute shuttle bus ride to the Ocean Course Thursday morning. Generally, it's been about an hour. It's a substantial ride if no one is on the road, which tends not to be the case in mornings and when a major championship is being played nearby.
   Navigating the course can be a test because it's laid out essentially with nine holes in one direction and the other nine running parallel the other way. Four miles end to end. It's about a half-mile from the ninth green to the 10th tee. 
   It's not easy. But major championships aren't supposed to be easy.