Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ban on anchoring announced, begins 2016

As expected, the USGA and R&A announced Wednesday that anchored strokes will no longer be allowed in golf effective Jan. 1, 2016.
The 20-word rule change means the end of anchoring belly putters and long putters to the body in the way PGA Tour players Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, Keegan Bradley and others have done.
The rule does not outlaw the use of long putters, only prohibits how they are used.
“We believe a player should hold the club away from his body and swing it freely,” USGA executive director Mike Davis said.
The rules change came as a result of what Davis called a growing “advocacy” among players and instructors for the use of anchored putting strokes. Through 2010, Davis said approximately six percent of PGA Tour players used anchored putting strokes. That percentage jumped to 15 percent in 2012.
“For years, it was seen as a last resort,” Davis said. “We are seeing that golfers no longer see it as a stroke of last resort.”
Simpson, who won the U.S. Open using a belly putter last June, said this week that he plans to make the switch to a traditional putter in the future. He said expected the rules change and has been using a regular-length putter when he’s playing with his friends at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Thank god! This will finally save the children from the potential awfulness that would be using a belly putter. Am I right, Ron?

jjw901 said...

The USGA/R&A were asked in this mornings news conference if they had any statistical evidence that anchoring is of any benefit. The answer from both was that they do not. "Feelings....nothing more than feelings"

Anonymous said...

Another stupid rule by golf's elite.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they eliminate the huge heads that are used on drivers today. They offer more advantage than a belly putter.

Anonymous said...

What if your belly is big enough to anchor a regular putter? Is that illegal too?

Anonymous said...

Beyond stupid.

If you not a pro then no sweat, right?

Alex said...

What do you expect from the R&A (Brits & Scots) who only live in the romance of their past - WWI & WWII. Heck, the only entertainment that make is Downton Abbey and the like. They released the monster responsible for the Lockerbie bombing and thus expect that any decision they "hand down" is justified.

As to Mike Davis, he simply a fool. With the popularity of golf stalled or maybe falling, why would he recommemd banning something that has been around 15 years?

Lastly, think about this. Some players wear sunglasses because they think it gives them an advantage visually. Everyone has an opportunity to wear them, but many choose not to do so. Sunglasses were not around when the game was invented and weren't used often until relatively recently. Should they be banned from shielding the eyes or should players be made to wear them backwards on their hats. Not saying you can't have them, just not to cover your eyes.

Several decades back, center shafted putters were not acceptable.