Wednesday, April 04, 2007

14 honored for service to the Masters

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Here is another way the Masters is different from other sporting events:

Rather than view the media as a nuisance, the tournament honors it.

On Wednesday morning, new chairman Billy Payne unveiled a project near and dear to him – the Masters Major Achievement Award.

It was given to 14 media members who have covered at least 40 Masters in their careers. A group, the 14 men have covered nearly 650 Masters, which means they’ve eaten a lot of pimento cheese sandwiches.

Among the honorees was retired (except for Masters and Wachovia week) Observer columnist Ron Green Sr., who is covering his 53rd consecutive Masters, meaning he has spent approximately one year of his life walking the hills of Augusta National, watching everyone from Hogan to Nicklaus to Woods.

The other honorees were Horace Billings, Furman Bisher, John Derr (his 62 Masters are the most), Dan Jenkins, Kaye Kessler, Dave Kindred, Hubert Mizell, Dave Moffitt, Edwin Pope, Nick Seitz, Art Spander and Al Wester.

The honorees were given an oak plaque made from a tree that stood for decades on the second hole at Augusta National. The plaque features a carving of the famous clubhouse and a larger version will remain in the media center just off the first fairway.

It was a generous and genuine gesture by the club.


Anonymous said...

What? No T-shirts?