Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiger: Showing His Edge

Tiger Woods, by nature, doesn't offer a whole lot in his press conferences and his 30-minute session with the media at Pebble Beach today was no different.

It was longer than most of his question-and-answer sessions have been recently but for anyone expecting a revelation or two, they would be disappointed. The most interesting thing was to catch Tiger's sharp reaction when a questioner with an English accent asked if there has been a resolution about the future of his marriage.

"It's none of your business," Woods said, with a noticeable edge in his voice.

Fair enough. It's not our business even though the gossip world will continue to try to make it their business for months to come. It's part of the price he continues to pay for his personal troubles.

But he's at Pebble Beach for the U.S. Open and, without saying a lot, Tiger sounded like a guy who feels a little better about his game. There hasn't been a whole lot for him to feel good about these past few months, given the way he's played or hasn't played (missed cut at Quail Hollow, WD at The Players).

Asked how different the game he brought to Pebble Beach is from the one he brought to Augusta in April, Woods said, "Way different."

He finished fourth at the Masters in large part on emotion and the layout's relatively unforgiving nature off the tee. That hasn't worked since then and a bad neck made everything worse. But there were signs at The Memorial two weeks ago that Tiger may be rounding a corner and he gave off the air of a player Tuesday who feels good about where his game is headed right now.

"I'm just starting to get my feel back," Woods said. "I know I have to be patient with it. It's coming along."


Anonymous said...

This is the same old dog who keeps pissing on your tire over and over and over ....