Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mickelson Doesn't Like His Chances -- And That's Just Fine

   Phil Mickelson doesn't like his chances in the Shell Houston Open this week and he's okay with that.

   Mickelson is playing this week -- paired with Lee Westwood in the first two rounds -- with the intention of sharpening his game for the Masters next week. And while tournament officials have done a good job on selling players to come and play Redstone Golf Club with its firm, fast greens the week before Augusta, Mickelson suggested last week that his focus will be on next week more than this week.

   Talking at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, Mickelson said Redstone "is not going to set up well for me," because of how many of the fairways get very narrow around 285 yards from the tee, pushing players to hit more 3-woods off tees than they will at Augusta. Mickelson, though, plans to rip away with his driver, working on shots he'll hit at Augusta, even if it means bringing more trouble into play at Houston.

   In other words, Mickelson is all about the Masters and that's okay.

   He's at a place in his career where only major championship victories are going to enhance his legacy. He's won four, three of them coming with green jackets, and another major or two puts Lefty is super-select company at the all-time dinner table. Mickelson loves Augusta and talked often last year about the inspiration that came with just riding down Magnolia Lane.

   He wants to be ready when the Masters starts. That doesn't mean Mickelson can't or won't win this week at Houston but it means the tournament he's most interested in starts next Thursday, not this Thursday.


Phil-loves-donuts-lot's-of-um said...

Way to endure yourself to the tournaments sponsers Phil. What a jackwad. The guy has as much talent as Tiger, but has sand for brains it seems. What a waste.