Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Can Arnie Come In?

On Monday night, Arnold Palmer was the special guest at an annual Rolex dinner held this year in the Winged Foot clubhouse.

But it took Arnie a while to get into the place.

Palmer arrived at Winged Foot with a couple of business associates but the security outside the club wouldn't let them inside because they lacked the necessary credentials. After 25 minutes and several phone calls, Palmer and his party were allowed inside where they were fashionably late to their own party.

"It's easier to win the Open than to get into this one," Palmer said upon climbing out of his car.

Welcome Back Tiger

Tiger Woods spent half an hour Tuesday afternoon in the Open media center, talking for the first time about the death of his father, Earl, last month.

Woods remained composed throughout the session while talking about how much he will miss his father, who died May 3.

There were no great surprises in what Woods had to say but it was apparent there is still a sadness in him. He talked about the memories of his father that came rushing back when he went back to work on his golf game, remembering all the times he spent with his dad on practice tees and courses.

"I will miss him every day that I live," Woods said.

Woods said he went more than a month without touching a club and has had to polish the rust off his game. Before anyone dismisses his chances this week because of his nine-week layoff, it's worth remembering after his two previous long layoffs -- following knee surgery and a six-week break after the 2005 season -- Woods won his first start back both times.