Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Tabloid Tiger

The name of Tiger Woods' $20 million yacht is Privacy -- for all the obvious reasons.

But it can't hide him from the New York tabloids.

Woods is spending U.S. Open week on his yacht in a small harbor not far from Winged Foot and the New York Post found out where.

The paper had a story Wednesday morning of Woods and his boat, detailing his Tuesday morning activities. Two staff writers had a story describing Woods' on the deck of his boat at 6 a.m. playing with his border collie, Taz, before grabbing his golf shoes and heading to his Buick.

Walking to his car, Woods heard a photographer snapping photos and, according to the paper, said, "It's a little early to be taking pictures out there, isn't it?"

Then Woods took off, telling the photographer to "Have a nice day" or something like that.