Monday, May 19, 2008

Tiger: Fittest man in America?

In case you’ve been busy doing ab crunches and haven’t heard, Tiger Woods has been named the fittest man in America by Men’s Fitness magazine.

Simply put, it is one of the most significant cultural developments in golf’s long history, ranking right up there with the Titleist ProV1, David Feherty and the beer cart.

A golfer has been named the fittest man in America.

Not the fattest.

The fittest.

Makes me proud enough to suck in my gut.

Among the many things Tiger has taught golfers is the difference between a six-pack and six-pack abs.

That’s why he can wear those shirts that fit tight and show off his biceps. I would too if I had guns like his.

Tiger has made working out part of a golfer’s regimen, though most golfers still keep going past the workout room when we’re on our way to or from the golf course.

For most of us, the only thing more intimidating than a 180-yard carry over water is the bench press.

He has made lifting weights – not the 12 ounce kind – part of his routine when he’s getting ready for a tournament. He also has a supermodel’s waist. I’m just guessing here but he probably doesn’t wear the pants with the expandable waistband.

Tiger has made golfers proud. He’s made the game athletic.

Check the bar at any course and I’m betting you can find a few golfers raising toasts to Tiger.

Or maybe they’re just raising their glasses.