Thursday, May 01, 2008

What's in store Friday at Wachovia Championship?

Now that the first round of the Wachovia Championship is done - as are David Duval, Steve Stricker and Mike Weir this week - we have a hint of how the story might unfold this weekend.

But just a hint.

Interesting questions hang over Friday’s second round. Among them:

How will David Toms play after his opening 67, which surprised even him?
Back problems have bothered Toms this year, but he’s a tough player who might find some good vibes here. He might not win - he acknowledged that - but I’m guessing he hangs in among the leaders for a while.

Is this Phil Mickelson’s year at the Wachovia?
A lot of people would like to think so. He has more top-10 finishes here than any player that hasn’t won a blue jacket and his opening 68 reinforced the sense that Phil is energized about a refreshed putting stroke.

The biggest question about Mickelson is did he really grow an inch over the past couple of years due to his stretching exercises? That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

How about Trevor Murphy?
Even before the Charlotte 49ers senior shot 71 in the first round, he was a good story. Now he has a realistic chance to make the cut. Shows what confidence means to a golfer.

Will the course get tougher?
Probably. It will definitely get drier which means the greens will firm up. The fairways probably can’t get as fast as officials would like them but Quail Hollow showed some teeth Thursday afternoon when the wind started kicking around.

What will Friday afternoon be like?
You tell me. It’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny. Phil Mickelson and Fred Couples are going to be on the course. There will be cocktails, golf and sundresses.
There are worse places you could be.


Anonymous said...

My prediction for Friday....

just like yours...great golf, a beautiful course, and lots o female skin.

too bad it is overcme by stanky cigar smoke produced by guys with goatees who look like they are 6 months pregnant in bad golf shirts. And more Budweiser gas.

Larry said...

Trevor Murphy shoots more red numbers and makes the cut. Watch out for this kid in the next year or two as he takes his game to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Trevor, shows what a great college program we have at Charlotte as well. He is only the 5th rated player (stroke average) on the 49ers team this year!