Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is Tiger Closer To Returning To The PGA Tour?

Forget for a moment -- if that's possible -- all the allegations, revelations and speculation about what Tiger Woods has or hasn't been doing these past few months.

Put aside the storm of controversy surrounding his method of delivering his message tomorrow.

Consider the golf question:

Will his public statement Friday bring him closer to returning to the PGA Tour?

Is he going to say he's prepared to return to the tour sometime soon?

You have to think so.

Maybe he's ready, or close to ready, to come back to golf. We've seen a recent photograph of him out jogging but not one of him with a golf club in his hand. Maybe that's next, after the flood of images from his public statement on Friday.

For all this runaway story is about, it eventually comes back to golf. That's why we cared about Tiger Woods in the first place. When he comes back, we'll pay attention again.

He's lost some people for good. Others he'll win back. Some can go either way.

There are plenty of flashpoints in this whole tangled story. As for golf, it will be nice to see him back.


Anonymous said...

Make them beg for you to come back Tiger! They need you more than you need them and all they're going to do (media) is make whatever you say or do Friday 1000x more than what it is and continue to talk about it for the next 6 months. Go chill on your own island for a year or two then think about coming back!

Anonymous said...

Yea well in that dreamworld lets pretend the south was still southern, homes cost only 80k in Foxcroft and gas was still only 32 cents a gallon.

Burly Woods with his fat gut skinny legs and ankles looks like some washed up geezer. We can only hope he will be laughed out of the PGA as a joke.