Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Is This The Week Tiger Finally Wins Again?

If you want to get into numbers crunching regarding Tiger Woods' there are plenty to crunch.

How about this one that Woods wasn't aware of until asked about it Wednesday: He's won 12 of 17 tournaments he's played after the British Open since 2006. I know, that's really parsing it but, still, 12 out of 17 is pretty good from the foul line and insane in golf tournaments.

Then there are these statistical factoids unearthed by another reporter:

In 2008, Woods made 93.5 percent of his putts between five and 15 feet. That's beyond outrageous if you didn't know. This year, he's making 44.3 percent. That's as average as a burger and fries.

Here's another one from the same study of Tiger's fall to mortaldom: On shots from 100 to 125 yards, Woods has fallen from first on tour (in accuracy) to 192nd. No wonder he hasn't won.

Here it is August and Tiger ranks 111th in FedEx Cup points, which means he may not qualify for more than one playoff event if he doesn't get his swoosh in gear. He's ninth in Ryder Cup points and only eight automatically make the team (oooh, I wonder if Corey Pavin will pick him) and he's 80th on the money list (where he makes his spending money).

All of that leads us to this week, the World Golf Championship Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone, where Tiger (pardon another stat) has won seven of the last 10 times he's teed it up. But, as we all know, this year is different.

Since he showed up that Monday morning at Augusta National, we've been waiting to see the old Tiger and, except for Saturday afternoon at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, he's gone missing. He's been there in body, but perhaps not in mind and spirit.

This week at Firestone figures to be the week we get a proper read on where Woods and his golf game are. He admits he's putted like a 12-handicap at the same time he's finally figured out how to drive it in the fairway again.

His practice time has been gnawed away by other responsiblities. His kids. Perhaps his lawyers.

Tiger's return to his former glory is now in question.

This is his time of year. He says he feels his game coming together. This week he's playing Firestone. Next week, the PGA Championship.

He's been through longer winless spells as a pro. But not one quite like this one.

Will it end soon? Even Tiger probably wonders.


Anonymous said...

Each week, same author cites Tiger. When will he win? Why didn't he win?

If he doesn't win again until 2019, he'll still have more PGA wins and majors than Phil, who himself is not exactly tearing it up either. Ok, 1 major this year for Phil after 4 years with no majors; and only ONE title the past 15 months for Phil, which is ONE title more than Tiger who took time off.

Anonymous said...

Unless he picks it up and plays his way in to an automatic spot, why would you want to pick him?

He'll bring too much bad baggage with him right now. How did the US do without him last time as compared to with him before anyway?

Anonymous said...

Until someone passes him as #1,we will continue to hear about tiger's comeback.It's like the media counting down the panther's chances of making the playoffs each week,although they might be 3-7 and in last place.Tiger is a old mare....willie mays at 40.Sadly,phil can't putt on sunday's,and there is no one who can pass the tiger of old.I am so sick of hearing about, "will this be his week",that i am rooting against him just for that!! We have been hearing since the masters that "He will win this week",but has he won anything yet?He won the right to qualify and pay child support...that's it!!

Anonymous said...

No. Tiger's head is still someplace other than the golf course...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tiger should go on the Bachelor.

Coulwoodwarlord said...

It appears that golf still has no one even close to taking over a dominant role in the sport, while Tiger languishes in mediocrity. So, by default, his winless streak may end this weekend considering Firestone is more beauty than beast. Whether he wins the last major of the season will still depend on the moxy of his fellow competitors more than Tigers resurgence.
Next year is a different story, by then, if no one emerges from the long shadows of limited opportunity, well, its game on for his highness !

Anonymous said...

Please stop running this story every week. Find something interesting at least to comment on. He will be back, yes. He will win again, yes. Until then, NOBODY except the writers will be staring at the screen waiting. And when he does, you will have an interesting story to tell.

Anonymous said...

Can we please call this blog what it really is, "The ultimate Eldrick Woods hero worship web-site". Thanks.

Anonymous said...

10 strokes back on day one....and he looked like a bum out on the course....yea...sure he is going to "play" his way on to the "team"