Friday, August 06, 2010

On Second Thought...

Okay, maybe this isn't the week Tiger Woods wins again.

He's slapping it around Firestone this week like he doesn't know where he's going -- that's because he apparently doesn't know where it's going -- and there's no sign of it coming back quickly.

His game is a mess. He used to turn 74 into 70. Now he turns 74 into 74.

Given all that's happened the past 10 months, every week now is a referendum on his golf game. He's not winning many votes and he's not winning any tournaments.

And he's wearing a white belt.

Who is this guy?


Anonymous said...

Okay Tiger has gone +2 today with 5 bogies and 2 birdies. His driving percentage is 21%. His GIR is 39% and his average distance to the pin is 37+ feet (FEET not inches).

He probably could not get through Q shool at this time. At least there is no cut this weekend for him and he has 2 more days to work on it but with the PGA next week, he has a big uphill to go. Some golfers were saying he had found his swing but only his putting was off.

Actually I have enjoyed this season more without because we have seen some great golf we would have seen if he was on the course.

I remember the first tournament he returned that TV showed him walking up to the ball, studying the shot, taking the shot and walking away so essentially he had 50% of the total TV time.

Anonymous said...

"Who is this guy?"....a guy paying the price

you can't do what he did and just go on playing great know that Ron.