Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Can You Handle Kiawah's Ocean Course In PGA Championship Trim?

   If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to play a major championship course set up just the way it is for the pros, the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is going to give you that chance.

   In advance of the 2012 PGA Championship coming to the spectacular oceanside course made famous by the 1991 Ryder Cup matches, the resort will set the course up later this summer just as it will be set up for the major championship next year.

   That means 7,606 yards of potentially windswept golf among the dunes alongside the Atlantic. It means firm greens, fiery fast green speeds and the same rough lines and rough lengths as Phil, Tiger and Dustin Johnson will face in 2012.

   The special week will be held Aug. 1-7 this year and will be available at normal golf rates on the Ocean Course.

   “It’s the dream of serious golfers everywhere, whether a scratch or a 30-+ handicap to play one of the world’s great courses in the same conditions as the professionals play it in a major championship,” said Brian Gerard, Kiawah’s director of golf. “During this special week, we’ll give our guests a chance to see how their games compare to the best players in the world."
   There will be an ongoing low-net competition during the week with the winner receiving a two-night stay at the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Players in the challenge must present proof of a certified USGA handicap and play with a Kiawah caddie.

   If you think you’re up to handling the Ocean Course is PGA Championship trim, call 800-576-1570 or go to


Anonymous said...

While this isn't a bad idea at all, it is a terrible idea to let anybody over a 10 handicap even try this. The course is hard enough as is to let some guy who can't break 120 from the middle tees at his local muni try this. 6 hour rounds are going to be the norm for the week. They really shouldn't let anybody over a 5 handicap try this, and even then, most of the won't break 90.

Anonymous said...

I doubt many scratch players would break 90. I normally hover between -1 and +1 and played it a few years ago from the Championship tees(7200). It was windy and the hardest golf course I have ever played, shot 84. BTW, we played it in late November, so the Bermuda was dormant and the fairways were wide. I can't imagine adding 400 to 500 yards, narrow fairways and thick rough. 6 hours maybe a fast round. 8-)

Trent said...

I am playing here Saturday with a group of pretty good players...have done it before with a group of single digit guys, and only one player broke 80 on a mild wind day(and he is a +3). This is a HARD golf course, and I agreee that no one over a 10 should even be allowed to attempt it from these tees. You should have to show your USGA index, or else folks will be out there ALL DAY.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best course I've ever played. Playing from the tips is an incredible experience. I played one of my best rounds there. Doubled the first 4 holes, then 14 pars. Once you get used to the speed of the greens, you can make anything you look at.