Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five Quick Questions With Robert Karlsson

   Robert Karlsson, who moved from Monaco to Charlotte last year, begins his first full season on the PGA Tour this week at the Northern Trust Open in Los Angeles.

   Before teeing it up, the world's 16th-ranked golfer answered five questions, most unrelated to golf.

   You've played 68 PGA Tour events in your career but this year you're officially a rookie by virtue of your full-time membership. What are you expectations for this season?

   RK: It’s one of my big things not to build up big expectations. I take every tournament as a separate event and see where we end up. If I build up too much, I get out of focus. I will enjoy every shot if I can. That’s my expectation.

   You were born in Sweden and still visit. What do you miss most about your homeland?

   RK: Not much actually. I’ve been away for such a long time. I come and go. I see myself as a world citizen. For 20 years I’ve been trvaeling around the world.

   You moved to Charlotte from Monaco. What's the biggest difference in the two places?

   RK: The attitude of the people. Monaco is a very small and very rich community. It’s a little bit of an enclosed island within a big country. It’s driven by money and flair. Charlotte is a place where people come and live and have their normal life and work. Monaco is not a place where people work,.

   Have you learned your way around Charlotte? Can you get to Southpark?
   RK: I don’t need directions (to Southpark). I can do that. I can get to the (uptown) arena. I’m pretty decent. If I get lost, I have my bearings. I’m trying to drive without much help from naviagtation system.

   On your website ( there's a photo of you holding an accordion. Do you play?

   RK: I can’t play. It’s a picture we use for my biggest challenges in life. It was a fun illustration.