Monday, May 16, 2011

Choi Wins, Toms Doesn't And The 17th Keeps Us Watching Again

  Thoughts on The Players Championship:

   -- It was great to see K.J. Choi win Sunday. He doesn't have the profile and popularity of some players but he's been a quality player for a long time who is respected and admired on multiple levels. He's always been an excellent ball-striker but hasn't been a great putter. There were moments Sunday when it looked like the putter might cost him again but he made enough. Good for him.

  -- It's almost a cliche but it's better to see a guy win a tournament than to have someone lose it. David Toms' late miss, while not totally unexpected, was disappointing. The birdie he made to force the playoff was big time and to turn around and let it get away the way he did was unfortunate.

  -- Every year there's the debate about whether the 17th hole at the Stadium Course is gimmicky. Of course it's  gimmicky but that's part of its charm. I've already had two people who don't normally watch golf on television talk about watching The Players because they like to see the pros playing the 17th hole. And it still takes its victims.

   -- I didn't see Graeme McDowell's meltdown coming. I figured he was the likely winner when the final round started but, under the gun, his swing didn't hold up. It may next time but under pressure, new swings (McDowell has just tweaked his) tend to revert to old habits. It was tough to watch.

  -- Still wondering what happened to the new generation of stars at The Players....