Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Saw It But I Still Don't Believe It

It's going to take a while for this U.S. Open to seem real.

What happened Sunday afternoon at Winged Foot was beyond anyone's imaginaton. It was so bad it was funny.

To use the old cliche, Geoff Ogilvy didn't win the Open. The Open won him.

He's as shocked as anyone he's the winner.

Jean Van de Velde couldn't have done it better than Phil Mickelson did. All he had to do was par the last hole and the left-hander is going for the Slam. Then, before you could say Van de Velde, Mickelson is gone.

Choke? What do you think?

He hit a tent for crying out loud. He was lucky his tee shot didn't bounce over the tent and land somewhere on the other side.

There was a time when what Mickelson did would have caused us to roll our eyes and say we should've seen it coming. But we didn't see this collapse coming. It was obvious Sunday he wasn't as sharp as in some other majors but you had to love his chances needing a par to win and a bogey to play off.

Personally, I hated seeing Colin Montgomerie throw his chance away on the 18th hole. I'm a huge fan of his and would have loved to have seen him win. But, to his credit, he put on a cheery face when it was over, something he might not have done a few years back.

Seeing Mickelson tryng to explain what happened early Sunday evening was almost awkward. It was like he'd just stepped out of a bad accident. He looked emotionally devastated and he probably was.

He's said before he usually spends two or three days laying in bed after a major championship. It may be weeks before he gets up after this one.


Anonymous said...

Phil Mickelson had the pressure just get the best of him on this game. This is a man that usually takes the shot and BAMM, its in. The only way to explain it is pressure. I am sure he is in disbelief at this time that this happened to him. It probably seems like a bad Dream. Maybe a surreal event out of the Twilight Zone for him. If I could tell him one thing, its that he is human and things like this happen to us as human beings. If we weren't human, we would be robots and then we would not know the good times from the bad times, life would just be monotony to the end. Hey Phil, Dont be down. Life is one test after another, there will be others and your still an Idol to us Americans.

"Charlottes Real Web"