Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Once More, With Feeling

It's a good thing Chicago has winter, otherwise the whole world might live here.
Tuesday at Medinah, site of the PGA Championship, was almost as pretty as the pairing sheet which has put Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson together (with Geoff Ogilvy) in the first two rounds which begin Thursday morning.
Perfectly sunny. Temperature nudging just over 80 degrees. The humidity on vacation in Florida. Grass green enough to get Augusta's attention.
And a major championship, too.
It wasn't long ago that the PGA Championship was that other major, the one they played in August and no one except Golf Channel junkies seemed to care about.
But now the PGA Championship is cool. It's played at great courses, understands that birdies aren't necessarily bad and annually produces a more entertaining tournament than the U.S. Open, which essentially rewards the last man standing.
This PGA starts with a grocery list of possibilities. Tiger and Phil paired together. Sergio Garcia reunited with his red oak. Vaughn Taylor trying to nail down a Ryder Cup spot.
Something's bound to happen.