Friday, August 18, 2006

It's Only Just Begun

Two days into the PGA Championship and what do we know for certain?
We know Vijay Singh missed his second straight cut in a major championship.
We know Brett Wetterich isn't going to be on the Ryder Cup team.
We know Tiger Woods is playing the third round with his buddy Chris Riley, which means he'll be chattier than usual during a major championship week.
Otherwise, this PGA Championship is still wide open, or at least as open as a major can be with Tiger sitting one off the lead with 36 holes remaining.
If I had to pick one of the four leaders -- Henrik Stenson, Billy Andrade, Tim Herron or Luke Donald -- as the most likely to still be leading Sunday night, I'd pick Donald, who has a major victory in his future, perhaps this weekend.
He's a really solid player and that wins majors -- on the rare times Tiger doesn't win them.
If I'm picking a winner right now, it's obviously Tiger. I'm not stupid. He may just win Tiger Slam II.
As for Phil Mickelson, he has two drivers in his bag and can't hit either one in the fairway. Unless he finds magic in his video session with Rick Smith overnight, Phil's won his last major this year.
And what about Davis Love? He was tied for the lead on Sunday in the PGA last year and crumbled. He needs a good weekend here in the worst way.
Maybe I'm wrong but I think he produces at Medinah. That doesn't mean he's going to win but he's going to hang in there.
Ask me Saturday night and I may feel totally different about all of this.