Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pinehurst Unveils New Logos For 2014 Opens

    It's still almost three years away but the unprecedented back-to-back U.S. Opens at Pinehurst Resort in 2014 already have their own look.

   The resort recently unveiled three logos -- one for the men's Open, one for the Women's Open, and one for both Opens -- that are now available on merchandise at the resort. It's all part of branding the event, which is certain to attract plenty of attention when first the men and then women play their national championships at the restored No. 2.

   The men's logo features the familiar Golf Lad hugging the U.S. Open trophy while the Women's Open logo features a cardinal and the Carolina Hotel.

   The dual logo features both trophies along with the Golf Lad's hat and the cardinal. It won't be long until you start seeing the logos on shirts and other items.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the Women's Open logo better.