Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 83rd birthday Arnie

 This Sept. 10 being Arnold Palmer's 83rd birthday, take a moment today to raise a glass -- whether it's an Arnold Palmer or something more, uh, substantial -- to the man who remains the face and heart of golf.
   We long ago came to grips with the fact Arnie can't play like he once did and we made our peace with it long before he did.
   He's Arnie. 
   Not to diminish the green jackets he won or the way he won the 1960 U.S. Open or all the other things he did playing the game, his greatest achievement was just being Arnie. He remains the model across all sports for the way an athlete should deal with his adoring public. 
   No entourages.
   Just wink and a smile. 
   Perhaps no one has enjoyed the spotlight more than Palmer has and perhaps we've never enjoyed anyone in the spotlight as much as we've enjoyed him. 
   Have one on us, Arnie. Our pleasure.