Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rory and Tiger feels right

It's been interesting to see how Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy seem to have taken to each other. Through the years, Woods has kept most of his rivals at a distance with a few exceptions, such as Steve Stricker. With McIlroy, it's different.

It's obvious Woods likes McIlroy and admires his game. One of the best things about the FedEx Cup playoffs is the way it's put Woods and McIlroy together so often, a pairing that will continue at the Tour Championship next week at East Lake in Atlanta.

Woods' self-motivation is well known but McIlroy's brilliance comes at an ideal time for Woods, who will no doubt use the challenge to continue pushing himself. Woods has played his golf in a bubble, churning on his own intensity, staring down everyone else.

In McIlroy's case, Woods has shown a warmth rarely seen in the competitive realm. It complements both of them.


Anonymous said...

Tiger knows his days are numbered. He is playing his best ever and is finishing as an also ran. The talent and desire of his competitors to win has caught up with Tiger. The only thing that keeps him as a story line is the media. Rory is the new Arnold, talent, personality, humble, and loaded with talent.

Anonymous said...

You are so right when you state, "The only thing that keeps Tiger as a story line is the media." Also include The Golf Channel in that statement too. Kelly T gets on her high when talking about Tiger.

Anonymous said...

It actually has nothing to do with the media this year. Look at his stats, 3 wins, 8 top 10 finishes, 7 top 5 finishes, and 2nd ranked player in the world. It's about performance and execution which is only conveniently noticed by critics. By the way I'm not a Tiger fan but data is the only way to truely evaluate this discussion.

www.whatisagolfhandicap.com said...

Rory is the next great legacy champion of golf. Tiger is old news.