Wednesday, March 03, 2010

John Daly Does It Again...What A Surprise

It's a good thing John Daly has a new reality show on The Golf Channel right now.

That may be the only place he'll be seen for a while.

Angry over a story in the Florida Times-Union newspaper detailing the many details in his PGA Tour disciplinary file -- it's over 450 pages of bad acting and the fallout that comes with it -- Big John decided to get even with the writer, Garry Smits. Daly's file, it should be noted, became public record as part of a lawsuit, allowing a glimpse into otherwise private case.

Daly Tweeted Smits' cell phone number -- two different times on Tuesday -- and suggested his fans pepper Smits with complaints about how their hero was being treated.

Another brilliant move by John Daly.

Though you'd think Daly wouldn't get embarrassed any more, he probably was when word got out he's been suspended six times by the tour and ordered to counseling or rehab seven times. Then there are the 21 incidences of Daly being cited for failing to give his best effort. It's also called quitting.

So Daly, who claims in his TV show that he's trying to rehabilitate his self-inflicted image, tries to rally the troops to make life miserable for the guy who wrote the untold story of his professional life.

The PGA Tour has a policy of not talking about the disciplinary action it takes against players. It may be time to rethink that, especially in Daly's case. His folder is about to get thicker.


Anonymous said...

It's okay for "journalist" to report personal information of their subjects; however they cry foul when the same is done to them. Hypocritical much?

jjw901 said...

Just wondering how the reporter got hold of an internal document like that.

Anonymous said...

Green Jr is like most of the writers and announcers on the Golf Channel. They are in constant condemnation of Daly and the opposite about Woods. They are totally in awe of Woods and kneel at his feet. They would never even imagine Woods being suspended for actions that are detrimental to the image of professional golfers on the PGA Tour. If you are going to badmouth Daly, then badmouth Woods for what he has been doing for the last three to four years.