Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talking Hoops More Than Talking Tiger

When golf writers covering the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill this week noticed Kym Hougham, executive director of the Quail Hollow Championship, talking with Tiger Woods' agent Mark Steinberg, it didn't take them long to play connect the dots.

It was the second time in recent weeks Hougham and Steinberg have talked at PGA Tour events, raising the speculation that Woods will make the Quail Hollow Championship his second appearance in his comeback to golf tour.

It may happen that way but, at least according to Hougham, that's not what he and Steinberg were talking about this week at Bay Hill.

They were talking about Illinois basketball, a subject near and dear to both of them.

Hougham and his Quail Hollow team are making plans in the event Woods decides to play the Charlotte event, which he has most years. But Hougham was adamant today saying he doesn't know if Woods is coming to Charlotte or not.

"We're in the same position we always are at this time of year -- we don't know," Hougham said.

If a decision has been made about Woods' possible appearance in Charlotte, Hougham said Steinberg did not tip his hand.

At least one national golf publication has already requested three media credentials for the Quail Hollow Championship, two more than usual. That's why alternate plans are being made in the event Woods does play Charlotte.

I still think it's likely Woods will play the Quail Hollow Championship but much may depend on his Augusta experiece in two weeks. That may make the decision for him.


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