Monday, March 08, 2010

Villegas, Fowler And Other Encouraging Signs

So I'm looking at the list of winners on the PGA Tour this season and I'm thinking this isn't bad.

Steve Stricker won and moved into No. 2 in the world rankings, jumping past the slow-starting Phil Mickelson.

Dustin Johnson, Hunter Mahan, Ian Poulter and Camilo Villegas have all won, reinforcing the idea that there's an encouraging blend of talent and style in what feels like a new generation.

Bill Haas finally got his breakthrough win and Rickie Fowler has become a star without winning.

And Tiger's hitting golf balls again.

The PGA Tour might just survive after all.

If there's been a benefit to Woods' self-imposed absence, it's been the enhanced focus on other players. With Mickelson not doing much so far, others have seized their moments.

Poulter and Villegas, in particular, have personas as big as their games. It was important for Poulter to win something substantial over here to be known for more than his clothes. Now he's done it and I expect he'll do it some more.

Villegas has played well all year and has the look of a guy in a good place. He's talked about being more relaxed and smiling more and maybe there's something to that. The way Villegas takes a rip at the ball and his Spiderman routine -- even if it's become part gimmick by now -- he's fun to watch. That's what sells the tour.

That's why Fowler is the new rage. With his Lanny Wadkins-like slash at the ball, all wrists and whip, he has that fearless look about him beneath his long hair. He got justifiably chided for his lay-up decision at Phoenix when he had a chance to win but he did what he felt was in his best interests. If he had it to do over, he might do it differently.

This week, the big guys are all together again at Doral for a World Golf Championship event. Maybe it's Phil's time. Wouldn't that be fun with Augusta getting closer by the day.


Anonymous said...

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HokieTT said...

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Anonymous said...

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HokieTT said...

Hiding behind anonymity...

therestofthestory said...

I have really enjoyed PGA golf this year on television. I have had to discontinue watching the Golf Channel because of their Tiger "weepfest". I would rather Tiger not return this year at all. I know when he does, he will dominate the TV coverage not just on every swing but on every time he walks up and off a green and tee box.

Anonymous said...

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pantherfanaway said...

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HokieTT said...


Okay, I get it. You're obviously a troll. You ruined it by acting *too* ignorant.

Sure, go ahead and call sometime! Just make sure to leave your name and address and what this is in regard to, specifically: 334.956.8200