Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Driscoll Helped Make Pinehurst A Special Place

Most of you probably don't know Janeen Driscoll unless you've come across her when she's watching her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers in which case you'd probably remember her.

For the past several years, she has been the communications director at Pinehurst Resort and now she's leaving. She's going to stay in Pinehurst but work for another company that promotes golf resorts around the world and she's leaving with the blessing of the people she's worked for at Pinehurst.

Janeen is one of the people who have given Pinehurst a large measure of its grace. She's not the only one but she has been one of the resort's great ambassadors, understanding and appreciating where she worked and what it means to the game and the people who respect it. She and Pinehurst have been a perfect fit.

Golf is about more than the game, just like other sports. It's about the people, the places and the memories that come along with the game, giving it a texture that reaches beyond the course. If you've played golf and been around the game for a while, you think as much or more about those things as you do the birdies you made and the shots you hit.

When the answer the phone at the resort, the operator says, "It's a beautiful day at Pinehurst."

Janeen Driscoll has been one of the reasons why.


JMD said...

Back atcha, my friend. Thanks so much.

Patrick said...

Most every place would be more special if they had someone like Janeen telling the story...and the story she is telling has many more chapters to go.