Sunday, May 02, 2010

Harris On Phil's Comments; 'Not A Big Deal'

While admitting he was surprised by Phil Mickelson's sharp criticism of the greens at Quail Hollow, club president Johnny Harris said Sunday he's glad to know how Mickelson feels.

"If he said it, he felt it," Harris said. "I'd rather know that than not know it."

After his Saturday round, Mickelson said Quail Hollow has "some of the worst-designed greens" on the PGA Tour, citing the 12th and 18th greens in particular. Mickelson was tied for second, two shots off the lead, at the time.

Harris said he looks forward to talking with Mickelson about his specific issues regarding the greens at Quail Hollow.

"I was sort of glad he voiced it," Harris said. "It helped us understand he had some concerns that he can help us to understand. We've always listened to players and patrons about how to improve the tournament. We want to be the best.

"We look forward to discussing it with him. It's not a big deal."

Mickelson was particularly bothered by a hole location on the right side of the 18th green. After hitting his second shot well beyond the hole, Mickelson was unable to putt toward the hole. Instead, he putted to the side then made an eight-footer for par.

The par-4 12th hole, which has a sharply sloped putting surface, also created a number of problems for players on Saturday.

"I was as surprised as anybody," said PGA Tour rules official Steve Rintoul, who is in charge of the course set-up. Phil has played here enough that to say that out of the blue when he didn't have a bad day was a little surprising.

"This is perhaps the best set of greens on tour because they are so different from the other greens on tour."


Anonymous said...

What is a Patrong? Some sort of Cyborg?

mcgeex said...

Why is it so hard for some commenters to realize a blog is not an article, and is not subject to the same editing and scrutiny? If you want to eliminate all the mistakes, you lose some of the immediacy and informality offered by the blog format.

Anonymous said...

1. Mc. Rory sure didn't seem to mind 18! Hahaha 2. Mr. Harris is the man, we will get the problem taken care of. 3. You can bank on Tiger showing up next year. He missed the cut, so he's got something to prove. Phil will show up as well. This is his seventh year playing this touney without a victory.

Anonymous said...

Is Phil going to give back second place because he birdied the hole today? Is it too easy today>

Anonymous said...

Funny, everybody else played the same course and the same greens. Phil, don't look at it as bad greens, look at it as a unique challenge.

Kingward said...

Phil should have talked to Mr. Harris before spouting off to the press. I'll always believe that. This was a classless act beneath Phil.

Anonymous said...

Mickleson made the comments on Saturday before he came in 2nd to young McIlroy who set the course record.
Had he made them after Sundays loss then it would have looked bad but obviously he was just speaking his mind and what other golfers were thinking.

Mickleson has criticized every course on the tour in the past for one reason or another and changes have been made for the better.

Everything is a work in progress. If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

He could have said a lot worse about the Hollow but didnt. Dont be so sensitive and thin skinned.

Kingward said...

So you're defending his loutish behavior?