Friday, May 14, 2010

If Phil Wants To Talk Burgers, I'll Listen

As a man who loves cheeseburgers, I'm not taking sides on Phil Mickelson's recent assertion that Five Guys burgers are "hands down the best burger" he's ever had. I'm a fan of all burgers as long as they don't have mayonnaise on them.

What's interesting is that Mickelson's apparently off the cuff endorsement of the burger chain last week at The Players Championship wasn't entirely random. Mickelson, it turns out, is part of a group that owns the franchise rights to Five Guys in Orange County, Cal.

Stewart Cink passed that information along to Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson recently and, according to various reports, it's true. Good for Mickelson. He's reportedly looked into getting In-N-Out franchises and Waffle House franchises in the past. Now he's into Five Guys which will apparently soon challenge In-N-Out in SoCal.

I admire Mickelson for admitting his fondness for burgers. Makes him more of a regular guy.

He's spoken in the past about his fondness for In-N-Out burgers, a California classic and, having had a few of their burgers, I get where he's coming from. Now it's Five Guys. I get where he's coming from there, too.

If Phil wants to throw in a little burger endorsement, I don't have a problem with it. Tiger used to always put a bottle of his Tiger Gatorade on the table during his interviews. No problem with that, either. Having been around NASCAR long enough, golf's sponsor recognition is downright subtle.

And, if Phil wants to talk about burgers, I'll listen. It's a lot more interesting than talking about the new grooves.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't someone take him to the Penguin while he was in town at Quail Hollow?

jjw901 said...

The Penguin? Are you serious? That's no more than a run of the mill diner. I've never seen the attraction. Must be a yuppie thing.

Phil's right in this case. Five Guys does have the best burgers. Hint: never get a large order of fries - they fill the bag up whichever size you get.

Sportsdon said...

I think 5 Guys has good fries but the burger itself is nothing special.

Anonymous said...

5 Guys is awesome, if you don't like their burgers, you don't like fresh food. Their meat is never frozen! Yum!

And if you don't like mayonnaise on your burger... your just eating some sort of meat sandwich, not a burger!