Friday, July 23, 2010

Bunker Shots: Winless Tiger And Friday Night Lights

A few bunker shots while waiting out the heat:
-- It's hard to believe the Fed Ex Cup playoffs start in just over a month. That means the PGA Tour season is two months away from being finished. If Tiger's going to win this year, the window is closing.
I was certain earlier this year that he would win. I'm less sure now because of his putting.
-- The U.S. Women's Amateur is three weeks away at Charlotte Country Club and the plan is for the women to play a mixed set of tees for the championship. They won't play it all the way back -- it's almost too hard for anyone back there -- but they'll see it at more than 6,500 yards which is plenty. It will be a serious test of golf.
-- Trevor Murphy's 56 is mind boggling. Annika Sorenstam talked in her prime about her of shooting 54 -- hitting every green in regulation and one-putting -- and it seemed laughable. Then Murphy nearly did it.
I know it was a short golf course with five par-4s less than 330 yards and all of that but it's still 56.
-- If you don't watch 'Friday Night Lights,' do yourself a favor and check it out this summer (it's on NBC Friday nights). It's so well done with great characters and actors who make them feel like people you'd like to know. The coach-wife chemistry on the show helps set it apart but there's so much that's good about it.
-- If you're planning a trip to Scotland, let me warn you about one thing: They have haggis-flavored potato chips. Beware.
-- It's no surprise that television ratings for the British Open were lousy. It's ultimately about drama and, sadly, there was none at the Old Course.
-- R&A officials didn't immediately give St. Andrews the 2015 Open Championship, though it's assumed the Old Course will host the event every five years. It should go there every five years. The place just feels right.