Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will Donald Trump Buy The Point Lake And Golf Club?

Donald Trump, the superstar developer with a passion for golf, is reportedly interested in buying The Point Lake and Golf Club located north of Charlotte on Lake Norman.

Officials from Trump's company have met with a members advisory group at The Point to discuss a possible sale of the club which is built around a Greg Norman-designed golf course.

"Discussions continue," said Lou Ascanio, a member of the club's advisory committee. "It's an option we're looking at but it's not imminent."

Calls to the Trump golf organization were not returned.

Trump has built an impressive portfolio of golf courses. His company owns eight courses in the United States and Puerto Rico and Trump is in the process of building a high-profile and controversial golf development in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Point is owned by the members but operated by Crescent Communities. Asccanio said the club is scheduled be turned over from Crescent to the membership no later than 2012 which led to the communication with the Trump organization. Any sale would have to be voted on by the club membership.

The Point has more than 1,100 members according to the club website with more than 60 percent holding an equity membership.

Trump's son, Eric, has been on site and was part of a four-hour meeting with the club's advisory board.

"(Trump) wants it," said an individual who attended the meetings but asked not to be identified. "He wants to put his touch and fingerprints on every aspect of it."

Ascanio said discussions are part of an overall process to determine the club's future.

"There are a number of factors we're weighing in determining if that's the right way to go," Ascanio said.


Anonymous said...

Hold on Donald... just wait a few months and you'll be able to pick up a much better deal...

The Vue Uptown!!!

Sam said...

Green fees go from $150 at The Point to $300 for Trump at the Point. Same course, new owner.

Anonymous said...

or EpiCentre!

Anonymous said...

You might want to hold out until the NCDOT,and REA Construction really mess up Brawley School Road. The widening was to be done 10+ years ago.

Anonymous said...

If it is owned by the members and scheduled to be turned over in 2012 why would they sell it to Trump.

Anonymous said...

It is a perfect match. The Point is a real estate tour through a neighborhood with the occasional low value golf hole thrown in between long rides in a golf cart.

Trump is a real estate developer with little golf value.