Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baker-Finch gives it another go

When last anyone noticed Ian Baker-Finch playing golf -- not announcing it -- his game was a mess.

And that's being kind.

By his own admission, the former British Open champion lost his confidence back in the 1990s and it showed in his scores. It bottomed out with a 92 in the British Open at Royal Troon in 1997, which propelled him into competitive retirement.

It was a wicked fall for a genuinely nice man.

He handled it with grace and moved on to become an outstanding golf commentator.

This week, however, Baker-Finch has decided to play the PGA Tour one more time, teeing it up in the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial 20 years after he won the title there.

In interviews, Baker-Finch has made it clear this is not a comeback. He wants no part of that. But he enjoys playing again and wants to put himself and his game under the gun again.

Few players have fallen so far so fast as Baker-Finch did. David Duval comes to mind, of course.

I can't imagine Baker-Finch playing a PGA Tour event if he weren't comfortable with his game. No one's expecting a miracle.

It would be nice to see him play well. His playing career didn't end well but for an extended period of time, he was among the best players in the game. That's what people should remember about him.

This week is about fun for him. That's a victory in itself.


lovmesum rg sr. said...

so his game went from like..ron green sr. to ron green jr.?

wavechaser said...

nice article...I met Ian when he played . I was a caddy on the tour at that time. Like Ron Jr. stated; a nice man and good golfer. And to answer the smart-_ _ _ love sum rg SR. don`t know you , but your analogy should have read....so his comment went like...lovesum Jr. to lovesum Sr. ?