Thursday, May 28, 2009

The broken-hearted Sergio

Maybe the reason Sergio Garcia’s golf game has gone missing is the simple fact that his heart hasn’t been in it.

Garcia suggested as much this week when he told reporters at Turnberry that his March break-up with Morgan-Leigh Norman, daughter of Greg Norman, has been at the, uh, heart of his problems.

Sergio said it was the first time he’s ever been in love and when Norman called it quits – it was her decision not his, he said – the hurt stayed with him.

He said the two haven’t talked since their break-up, which he’s finally getting over.

It wouldn’t be the first time relationship problems have scuttled a golf game. Nor the last.

Reading through Garcia’s comments at Turnberry, he was surprisingly open about his private life. Maybe he was looking for pity. He’s unfortunately played that card before.

But this time, it seems, he’s just a guy talking about having his heart broken.


Anonymous said...

sergio is a serious pansy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Serge's just a sad sack...nothing he does is his fault, and he gets to continue to whine ad nauseum. Stubbed toe--not my fault. In the water...must have been the wind. No concentration--must be no 'stamina' that broke us up.

Come on...he just needs to grow up--he's 29, and can't deal with a broken heart? Maybe the thought that he'll not get the Norman empire, maybe. At least Greg took it like a man all those years.