Monday, May 04, 2009

Ogilvy: It's better to make pros think a little bit

Count Geoff Ogilvy, one of the most thoughtful players on tour, as a fan of the course set-up at Quail Hollow last week.

“It’s much better. It’s more interesting to play and I’m sure it’s much more interesting to watch. It’s not about the length of the (two-inch) rough. It just needs to be unpredictable," Ogilvy said.

“When it’s always a good lie it’s not good and when it’s always a bad lie it’s not good. It makes a guy have to make smart decisions. Anything that makes us think is good. Less rough and firm greens makes us think more.

“It’s got to be better for golf to try to get pros to use their brains a little bit.

“Normally, it’s just pull out whatever club and wail it straight at the pin. Golf is better when you have to think about where you miss it. That knocks back to the tee shot. You have to put your tee shot in the right spot to make the second shot easier to get under the hole. It just makes it a more interesting game.”

Asked if Quail Hollow was good enough to host a major championship, Ogilvy said, “It’s a lot better than some courses we play majors on.”