Thursday, May 03, 2007

Calm before storm includes coffee, crepes

It feels quiet at Quail Hollow this morning but, honestly, how could it not?

Michael Jordan isn’t here, Tiger doesn’t tee off until after 1 p.m.. Neither does Phil.

Robert Garrigus is playing well. So, see what I mean?

So I figured it was a good time to prowl through the Quail Hollow clubhouse. The locker room was virtually deserted, the morning wave of players on the course and the afternoon guys still not here.

It’s a beautiful locker room but it looks a little cluttered this week because seemingly every player has stashed his big travel (the one he puts his clubs in) on top of the lockers. There must be close to a hundred of them on top of the lockers.

In the main hallway inside the clubhouse, there’s a 5-foot-high wooden butler serving as decoration. The butler is holding a silver tray and a snifter of brandy to go with a hand-written sign that says ‘Pub’ and points the way.

Every so often, the butler starts shaking, an amusing little touch.

The members call him ‘X’ and if you know Charlotte golf, you get the inside joke.

Outside, there’s a new Starbucks and a stand selling crepes. You don’t get that at Greensboro.

The crepe stand was suggested by John Sergi, who handles the food service at the Wachovia and he convinced Christian Jouault to give it a go here this week. It works at the U.S. Open in tennis and at other events.

And as the word gets out, it’s going to work at the Wachovia, especially with cooler weather coming.

You can get breakfast crepes with ham and eggs. I can personally vouch for the chicken, spinach, cheese and mushroom crepe. It’s outstanding.

And if you have a sweet tooth, you can get a strawberry and chocolate crepe with whipped cream.

OK, enough of that. It’s time for golf again.