Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rare treat over too quickly for most

That was pretty cool.

Seeing Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan playing together Wednesday at Quail Hollow was indeed a rare treat.

It didn't exactly feel like a golf tournament, more like a parade in a really pretty park.

Jordan, a big stogie in his mouth, played to the crowd, chatting all the way around. He smiled, he laughed, he kidded Woods and playing partner Skipper Beck.

He did everything but sign autographs.

Woods played along, though he's not naturally extroverted. He did his best to get some golf work in, practicing pitch shots and putts to imaginery hole locations for the Wachovia Championship, which is he's here, after all.

And Beck was outstanding. He pretended to go to his knees after hitting his opening tee shot and some club members had arranged to have an oxygen tank waiting for Beck at the first tee, just for fun.

He played well, too, prompting Tiger to call him "the greatest 14-handicap ever."

Fans began arriving at Quail Hollow at 4:30 a..m, riding the first shuttle bus into the property, a bus normally just for volunteer workers.

They lined every hole two and three deep. They did their best to chat with Woods and Jordan when they came near the ropes.

Woods and Jordan had a wager working but neither would specify the stakes. Woods won.

There was a great photo op on the 18th green when Woods, Michael Jordan and Bobcats owner Bob Johnson posed together.

Beck may have said it best after the round over.

"It all happened too fast," he said.

Yes, it did.


Anonymous said...

i heard jordan beat a local golf pro here on a big bet, the club found out about it and fired the pro. it was like for seven thousand. those golfers really like to bet.