Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pricetag on golf heaven? $29,500

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to actually die to go to heaven.

Golfers can buy a month there for just $29,500.

That’s the cost of what Pinehurst Resort is calling its Golf Sabbatical, a suitably stylish name for what might feel more like a golf orgy.

Sure, you have to get past the sticker shock but, given the price of a gallon of gas these days, we’re all getting numb to what things cost.

Here’s the Pinehurst deal:

For one fat fee you get a 30-day stay in a Pinehurst suite, which means you stay in great digs and your laundry (even your stinky little golf socks) is done for you.

You also get an Acura to drive in case the resort’s shuttle service doesn’t suffice.

You get breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and a personal therapist to work those extra pounds off you, plus two spa treatments a week.

You get a private session with sports psychologist Dr. Dick Coop, who can bleach the spider webs from your psyche.

You get 12 hours of private golf instruction with professionals who know how to fix your game, not your buddy who explains everything by saying, “You looked up.”

You get to spend time with the course superintendents who’ll teach you how to cut a hole and how to mow those cool-looking patterns in the fairway.

You get a 30-day supply of Titleist Pro V1s.

You get a custom-fitting session for a new set of clubs.

You get $1,000 to go shopping with.

You get to fly a friend or your spouse (in some rare cases they’re the same thing) in for a weekend.

And, oh yeah, you get to play as much golf as you can squeeze in on Pinehurst’s eight courses, including No. 2.

You even have the option - if time is an issue - to do the 10-day sabbatical for just $11,500.

But those fortunate enough to consider spending a month at Pinehurst where they will be pampered and polished, it’s not about the expense.

It’s about the experience.

There’s a word for that.



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