Friday, May 04, 2007

Welcome to Seattle? Feels that way

Oh great, it hasn't rained enough here in the past few weeks to dampen the dust and now that the Wachovia Championship is here, it feels like Seattle all of a sudden.

This morning's cloudy, cool conditions are a more comfortable than the July-like temperatures earlier in the week but the threat of rain is never a particularly good thing at a golf tournament.

Players don't mind a little rain. They have all the best bad weather gear anyway and a caddie to hold the umbrella over their heads. One player forgot his umbrella and, this being the Wachovia Championship, asked a locker room attendant if they had a spare parasol.

Seconds later, the player was given a new umbrella, still in the plastic case. He promised to return it after the round.

No need, he was told. It's the Wachovia Championship.

A little rain makes scoring easier, especially on a course like Quail Hollow that's playing firmer than a gymnast's abs. In golf terms, it slows the course down, giving players more control.

Too much rain just makes a mess of things. It's a pain for spectators who have to look through umbrellas and it tends to dampen beer sales.

Hopefully, there won't be enough rain to mess up the tournament, which has a certain Mr. Woods climbing the leader board this morning. After the squishy, soggy mess in the final round last year, the Wachovia deserves better weekend weather this year.

Wonder if the Wachovia powers that be can make a call to someone about the weather?


craig devrieze said...

What? Kym Hougham can't stop the rain? Tell Gump he's losing his touch. (Great guy, by the way.)