Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Masters Moon Pies? Only in Augusta

There are certain things you can get only at the Masters.

The green jacket. Shirts and caps with the familiar Augusta National logo.

And, now, an official Masters Moon Pie.

That delicacy, two chocolate covered graham cracker rounds sandwiching marshmallow cream, has been added to the concession menu this year. They’re small, two for $1.

I ask you – how uppity can a place be if it serves Moon Pies?

It’s the perfect complement to a classic Masters lunch of an egg salad sandwich, potato chips and a Coke. (It’s a Coke place, not Pepsi because Coke helped get this thing rolling many years ago).

The Wachovia Championship in Charlotte has a stand where fresh crepes are cooked, stuffed with all kinds of good, gooey things. Starbucks coffee is available. The barbecue is good enough to make Donald Trump smile.

There’s even Wachovia Championship lip balm (at least in the players’ locker room). But there’s no official Wachovia Championship Moon Pie. Maybe Charlotte’s tournament can sell its own version of S’mores.

It’s not just Moon Pies the Masters has added.

This year, the potato chips are official Masters potato chips. They’re in little bags and have the Masters logo on the front. The green ones are regular chips, orange are barbecue.

The chips and the Moon Pies are only available at Augusta National. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some for yourself.

I’m just guessing here but keep an eye on e-bay. Someone’s sure to offer Masters Moon Pies soon.


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